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What is a EMG Test for Back Pain

Wondering what is a EMG test for back pain? This blog has you covered. We have discussed the procedure for an EMG test and the risk involved.

Back pains can be cruel to deal with. A proper EMG test can get you the desired relief. 

With several years of experience and study as a pharmacist, I can safely say that the EMG test is a commonly sought-after test ordered by doctors for back pain. I meet hundreds of patients daily who suffer from muscle pain or weakness. 

Whether you have pain in the back, neck, or any part of the body, nerves have a considerable role to play. If your doctor has suggested an EMG test for nerves, he or she may do so to analyze and record the electrical impulses between muscles and nerves. Generally, these tests are conducted to check the nervous system disorders which lead to pain. 

Your body moves with the orders of the nerves cells. These nerve cells, also called neurons, send and receive electrical messages to and from the body to help control voluntary muscles. 

When these neurons become unhealthy or die, the communication between the neurons and muscles breaks down. And as a result, your muscles experience weakness or cramps. 

Back pain can cause numbness, tingling pain, weakness, or muscle cramping. Usually, this is the result of an irritated or pinched nerve. A physician may order an EMG diagnostic test for patients who experience pain in the back or neck. 


What is a EMG Test for Back Pain?

By now, you know why you might be experiencing pain in the back. In most cases, the pain or the symptoms of the pain disappear on their own. But if the pain lingers, you may need an electromyography or EMG test for nerves that attracts back pain. 

So what is a EMG test for nervesElectromyography or EMG test for back pain is used by doctors to detect neuromuscular abnormalities, which I have already discussed above. This test can firstly help you and the doctor find the cause of the pain. Secondly, it shows your doctor how severe the pain is. 

How Does an EMG Test Work?

Now that you know what is a EMG test for nerves, let me explain to you how it works. Initially, a small, thin needle is inserted into your arm or leg immediately after a nerve conduction study - a test that measures the flow of current through a nerve before reaching the muscles. 

The process begins with gently moving the needle to detect the electrical activity of the muscle. The information is then transformed to the machine, which produces sound waves that the physicians again interpret. 

The key benefit of an EMG test your physician will get to know the exact pain generator and if you have a damaged nerve that fails to radiate to the muscles. 

Risk involved:

  • The EMG test for back pain has certain risks involved:
  • Discomfort and pain due to its invasive procedure
  • Bruising and muscle soreness
  • Negligible risk of infection

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