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  • From instant relief to root cause treatment. 

    Treating the root cause of arthritis is essential, but we have something in the meantime for you

  • Best supplements for root causes ( Long Term)

    Targeting the root cause of arthritis which is inflammation and damage cushion!

  • Best instant relief arthritis roll-on

    Max strength of 1500mg HempFlex® roll-on that can provide you best Freeze &Heat Triple pain relief action. 

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Deflame® Curcumin-Ultra Joint Anti-Inflammatory Formula


Soothe Advance® Ultra Pain Relief Formula


Joint Collax Shark Cartilage Rebuild Formula

Complete Pain-Free Bundle

  • Arthritis is caused by inflammation and damaged cartilage(cushion) which works similarly to the brakes pads in a car. Treating the root causes is extremely crucial; However, even with the best supplements, it could take months to see any noticeable improvement. 
  • This bundle is designed to give you both instant and long-term pain relief and benefits. So, you can enjoy what you love right now while the joints are recovering simultaneously.
  • Deflame Curcumin®Strongest anti-inflammatory product. Directly targeting the cause of arthritis and stopping further damage.
  • Joint Collax®: Best cartilage rebuild, repair and rejuvenating products. We use shark cartilage & Hyaluronic acid formula to ensure our cartilage is getting the best nutrients and environment to start recovering  
  • Soothe Advance: Best 20+ herbal pain relief for tensed muscle and nerve pain. It combines the knowledge of Ayurvedic, Chinese and western medicine to build this secrete, natural, 0 side effect herbal formula
  • HempFlex®: Triple pain relief action that gives you instant but long-lasting pain relief. 1500 mg Max strength Hemp extract + Freeze & Heat therapy+ 15 natural soothing oils