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Why did we start Yuregen ??

As a group of health care providers, we see hundreds and thousands of patients suffer from arthritis and chronic pain everyday. Most of them were given only 2 treatment options: pain meds for life or surgeries.

Sensation of pain is an alarm system. It alerts us that something in our body is not functioning properly and we should really address the problem. As a health care provider, we know pain meds would not help treat the root cause but yet we are still prescribing and dispensing them on the daily basis. 

Trust the Science

Supplements are not magic pills. They do not take away the pain right away. But rather, they target the underlying problems, and slowly heals them.

Arthritis is due to inflammation constantly attacking our joint cushion which then can lead to swollen, stiff and painful joint. It is a progressive problem and should not be delayed by pain meds.

Yuregen is strived to provide the best pain treatment alternatives that have minimal side effects and no risk of addiction. Give us and give yourself a chance. We are here to provide the best care possible so you can get your pain free life back. 

Our treatment goal and why are we different?