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US Doctor has Discovered a New Way to Defeat Arthritis

By Anne Margoline and John Lansent    I   April 06, 2022, 4:20 PM

La Verne, California -- Breaking news! A well-known California pharmacist, Dr. John Yu has discovered a formula that can radically alter the lives of many people across the globe. Read on about this revolutionary discovery and how it can change your life for good. 

Dr. John Yu, CEO of YureGen, and his team have come up with a formula that will ease the lives of many people dealing with arthritis. They started in 2015 in Jackson, CA with just 6 doctors in a small lab. Made of all-natural ingredients, Dr. Yu’s formula is fueled with passion to decreases inflammation and alleviates pain in the long run. It is a unique solution because no other formula has been designed to work in such a way. 

Dr. Yu describes arthritis like a house on fire. The inflammation is the fire, our joints are the houses and pain is the fire alarm. We have to put out the flames first before beginning with the remodeling or reconstruction project. 

According to Dr. Yu, we have to focus on the inflammation first, which is the source of the pain. After that, we can direct our attention towards the redevelopment of the cartilage that has been damaged

Dr. Yu says, when joints are out of cartilage, the bones will be grinding against each other results in severe pain and eventually requires a replacement surgery. No matter what type of arthritis it is, we have to stop this wear and tear. And it is only possible with regular maintenance that will keep your joints running smoothly.

How is Yuregen different?

Arthritis is a degenerative disease of the joints that causes inflammation, pain, and stiffness. It can be debilitating for those affected by it, making everyday activities difficult to perform. The traditional approach to treating arthritis is medication or surgery, which are highly invasive and have many unpleasant side effects.

YureGen's new formula takes a different approach targeting the root cause of arthritis and eliminating inflammation instead of merely treating the symptom. The formula contains powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients that work to reduce swelling and alleviate pain without any of the pesky side effects associated with traditional treatments. 

Yuregen’s approach to treating arthritis is revolutionary. Most conventional treatments focus on masking the pain, but Yuregen targets the root cause: inflammation and damaged cartilage. 

This holistic approach could end the painful symptoms of arthritis in a matter of weeks. The team of doctors at Yuregen is devoted to making this natural supplement available for everyone. They want to eliminate the need for traditional treatments, which come with several side effects and long-term issues. 

By focusing on the root cause, Yuregen could potentially provide life-changing relief from arthritis without any unpleasant side effects.

“Taking pain medicine only hides the underlying problems and delay the proper treatments”

The Top 5 Best Natural Supplements for Arthritis

Shark cartilage Type II collagen:

This ingredient helps in rebuilding any worn-out cartilage. When this tissue wears out between the bones, your bones directly become in contact with one another. And as you move your joints, they start to break down due to friction. With cartilage tissue in between them both, the bones move freely, and the joint works smoothly without any pain caused by friction. 


Glucosamine is effective not only for rebuilding cartilage just like shark cartilage but also for developing more flexibility. So this ingredient with shark cartilage provides more flexibility and ease of movement in the joint boosting the development of cartilage tissue within the joint. 


MSM comes in handy when it comes to fighting inflammation. Therefore, it has a key role to play in dealing with arthritis. If you do not deal with inflammation it will always come back and it will also prevent the redevelopment of cartilage tissue. Therefore, it is a key ingredient. 


Curcumin also has a critical role to play as it fights inflammation. Without tackling inflammation it is difficult to heal the joint and reduce pain and Curcumin does that exactly. However, according studies, curcumin is extremely hard to be absorbed by human GI system and without the right help of other ingredients, it is simply a spice. 

Hemp (CBD):

Hemp extract has been getting a lot of attention in past 2 years due to its unique mechanism of targeting the pain. Not only it helps with severe pain and inflammation, it also been shown to help with anxiety, depression and sleep quality. Hemp has a natural ability to relieve pain, therefore, it comes in handy when you are looking to ease down your joint pain. 

How Does Yuregen Help with Arthritis?

Dr. Yu believes pain is just an alarm system that your body is trying to alert you to treat this problem. When you take those painkillers, you are simply turning off the alarm and not treating the condition itself and this is where Yuregen comes in to play its role. 

Yuregen is a supplement line that is entirely focused on treating low grade inflammation and fixing the damaged cartilage in your joints. It deals with the inflammation itself to reduce it, so your joint cartilage gets the necessary time to heal properly. YureGen naturally speeds up the process so your joint can move, or at least the range of the motion increases

All of Yuregen products are made in USA, cGMP and FDA approved facilities using all natural ingredients. Every formula is unique and targets very specific mechanism to ensure guaranteed result and long lasting benefits.

Unlike other supplements on the markets, which are mostly single ingredients pill, Every Yuregen supplements consists of at 5-40 different ingredients to ensure maximum synergistic healing result with 0 side effect. With decades of both clinical and research experiences, their products has been recognized by pharmacists, dieticians, doctors, book authors and have been showcased on hundred of major new sites all over the internet. But most importantly, instead of a regular 30 days free return, they are the only supplements company on the market that is offering a 6 months money back guarantee.

"We offer 6 months money back guarantee because we believe if our patients can give us time and trust, the results will speak for themselves." --John Yu, PharmD, CEO of Yuregen

From inflammation, cartilage repair, joint lubrication, natural Hemp extract roll on, herbal muscle relaxant and etc.. Yuregen covers everything you need to get your pain free life back.


Do these supplements interact with any other medicine? 

YureGen is made of 100 percent natural and organic ingredients. Therefore, it doesn't interact with any prescription medicine that you take. 

However, we still recommend that you consult with one of their doctors if you are currently taking some medicine, including Xarelto, Eliquis, Coumadin, or Warfarin. If you are not currently consuming any of these medicines, it is 100 percent safe to consume Yuregen.  

When will Yuregen start working on the conditions, or when can I see its benefits? 

All supplements by Yuregen are of natural ingredients. They are not some magical scam trick. You need to understand that arthritis is a progressive issue, and it requires a long time for recovery. 

But more than 70 percent of the people who received these supplements felt noticeable events within 2 to 3 weeks once they began using them. 

You need to be patient and confident with Yuregen. Over 90 percent of the people who consume Yuregen have felt a difference within a month of using these supplements. 

Do I have to take these supplements forever? 

Arthritis does progress with time, and it can't be cured. Like your car requires regular maintenance and repair, inflammation has to be controlled to keep the cartilage healthy. Therefore, you might have to take Yuregen products regularly to keep the inflammation under control. 

Are there any essential oils that can help with these pains?

There are various essential oils that you can find useful in dealing with these joint or back pains. From wintergreen to peppermint, these oils are excellent remedies for pain. 

You can use peppermint oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil, and wintergreen oil for pain relief. You can also use a YureGen anti-inflammatory supplement to deal with the condition effectively. 

These essential oils do help a lot in such a situation. YureGen’s Hempflex Muscle Oil also contains 20 different essential oils as well as the maximum strength of hemp oil. It is one of the most effective instant pain relief oils that come in roll-on currently available on the market. 

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