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Comprehensive, Step By Step Treatment

Not only we target the underlying problems, but we also give you instant relief.


Step 1: Target inflammation to stop further harm

Our tea is grown on tea plantations in tropical and subtropical regions throughout South East Asia.


Step 2: Rebuild & Repair the damaged cartilage

The leaves are generally harvested three times a year with the first flush producing the highest quality leaves.


Step 3: Pure herbal medicine for muscle & nerve recovery

After being harvested, the highest quality leaves are then quickly heated and dried to prevent too much oxidation.


Instant Relief: Hemp + Heat & Freeze oil therapy
Finally, our Gemtea will be put in a filter bag and then wrapped in a paper box before being delivered to our customer.

6 Key Benefits of Pain-Free Bundle

For Healthy Joints, Healthy Life

Target the real underlying cause: Inflammation! Stop further farm and start healing  


After inflammation, healing begins. Repair, and rejuvenate damaged cartilage


Increase lubrication, flexibility, mobility and improve range of motion



Use pure 20 herbal remedies to target the calm the muscle and nerve pain.  


Max 1500mg Hemp oil + Heat & Freeze therapy + 15 essential oil treatments


Instant + long term solution bundle. Pain relief now and problem solved in a few month

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Give you a better digestion and detoxify your body


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    12146 rating

  • Arthritis is caused by inflammation and damaged cartilage(cushion) which works similarly to the brakes pads in a car. Treating the root causes is extremely crucial; However, even with the best supplements, it could take months to see any noticeable improvement. 
  • This bundle is designed to give you both instant and long-term pain relief and benefits. So, you can enjoy what you love right now while the joints are recovering simultaneously.
  • Deflame CurcuminĀ®Strongest anti-inflammatory product. Directly targeting the cause of arthritis and stopping further damage.
  • Joint CollaxĀ®Best cartilage rebuild, repair and rejuvenating products. We use shark cartilage & Hyaluronic acid formula to ensure our cartilage is getting the best nutrients and environment to start recovering  
  • Soothe Advanced: Best 20+ herbal pain relief for tensed muscle and nerve pain. It combines the knowledge of Ayurvedic, Chinese and western medicine to build this secrete, natural, 0 side effect herbal formula
  • HempFlexĀ®: Triple pain relief action that gives you instant but long-lasting pain relief. 1500 mg Max strength Hemp extract + Freeze & Heat therapy+ 15 natural soothing oils 

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Everything you need to know about arthritis. From the causes, diagnosis, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, natural homeopathic treatment, life style changes and etc... 

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Does it interact with the medicine I'm taking?

Our supplements are natural, organic products. They do not interact with any other prescription medicine. The only thing that you will need to consult with one of our doctors is if you are taking warfarin, coumadin, Eliquis or Xarelto. If you are not currently on one of them, you are 100%  safe to take our supplements. 

I have lots of pain, how does it work?
Arthritis is usually caused by 2 reasons. Normal wears and tears or inflammation caused arthritis. Cartilage which is the joint cushion plays a very important role here. When the cushions are worn out or been attacked by inflammation, it becomes a bone to bone situation which leads to swelling, pain and stiffness.  Our goal is to first reduce the uncontrolled inflammation, then repair, rebuild and rejuvenate the damaged joint cushion.

How long does it take to see the benefits?

Our products are all natural supplements. They are not magic scam trick. Arthritis is a progressive problem and it usually require a very long time to recover. However, 73% of our patients received noticeable benefit within just 2-3 weeks of using. Be patient and confident. 93% of our patients feel the differences within a month of using. 

How do I pay for it? 

We take Visa, Master debit or credit card. However, if placing an order is an issue, please request a callback/email in our bottom right corner. We will have someone to assist you with it. 

Are they any additional cost? shipping cost? 

Absolutely not. The price you see, is the price you pay. No hidden fee, no shipping cost, no contract, no obligation. 

Will I need to take this forever?

Arthritis is a progressive problem and it can not be cured. Just a car requires regular maintenance. Once is inflammation is controlled and cartilage is rebuilt successfully, you will be able to maintain pain free with just daily maintenance joint vitamin/supplements pack.

What should I do if I have additional question?

Not a problem, all of our staffs are doctor licensed in USA. We all have full time jobs but we will try our best to answer any question you might have. Just request a callback/email in the bottom right corner and we will assist you with any question.

What's the return policy? 

We offer 180 days free return if you use our supplements correctly, so there is no lost for you at all. However, it is also important to be patient as supplements are not synthetic chemicals. We are very confident with the quality of our products and we believe if you give us time and trust, you will never be disappointed.