Yuregen Breathing Neck Support Pillow-Yuregen
Yuregen Breathing Neck Support Pillow-Yuregen

Yuregen Breathing Neck Support Pillow

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Does a restful and refreshing night sleep is a dream for you?

Does neck pain is not benefited by your pillow?

What! Pillow for neck pain?

Yes, YureGen has designed a “Breathing Neck Support Pillow” for your peaceful and strain-free sleep.

Refuse to sleep in constant discomfort and choose to wake up rejuvenated and ready for your pain-free day!

What does an ordinary pillow do with your neck posture?

A good, deep, comfortable sleep is a cure for all diseases. With an ordinary pillow, you will feel

  1. Poor neck posture
  2. Suppress carotid arteries
  3. Limits oxygen supply to surrounding muscles

How does poor neck posture affect your life?

Poor neck posture causes disturbance in sleep pattern leading to



-Memory loss

-Back and shoulder pain

-Stressed nerves


-The YUREGEN BREATHING NECK SUPPORT PILLOW is suitable for side and back sleepers.

-With its supreme memory foam having three breathable layers, a smooth 100% cotton cover, and a 26° arc for a peaceful rest.

-It offers superior support for a healthier neck and life.

-It offers a stretched neck with proper circulation and oxygen supply.

-It will change your sleep patterns and give you a fresh start every morning. 

Finally, say “no more” to neck pain.