Yuregen Multi-functional Knee Relaxer-Yuregen
Yuregen Multi-functional Knee Relaxer-Yuregen

Yuregen Multi-functional Knee Relaxer

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Does knee pain limit your activities?

Are you fed up with knee pain?

Have a soothing sign with YureGen’s amazingly designed “Multi-Functional Knee Relaxer”.

This is a portable, USB compatible, and 3 mode massage machine with natural chronic pain relief. This product is a remarkable resolution for knee pain sufferers.

With its light and slim fit, soft fabrics, and comfortable cushion, your knee will be strapped in relief all the time.


The YUREGEN MULTI-FUNCTIONAL KNEE RELAXER is useful for lying on the couch or going for a jog – whether you’re in or out of action, the RELAXER will be right there for you. It is useful for

-Rheumatoid arthritis

-Knee ache, sore, spasm

-Tender tendonitis


-Knee degeneration


Multi-Functional Knee Relaxer provides multiple functions for your calm walk and jog.

360 heat therapy

-Improves blood circulation, metabolism, reactivates healing process.

Vibration massage

-3-speed vibration massage relieves pain quickly and provides a calming effect.

Air pressured massage

-5-mode massage mimics real shiatsu massage and reduces muscle stiffness.


This product is an all in one solution. A perfect product for those who feel difficulty in moving with knee pain. It has

-Built-in massager

-360° heat generator

-3-speed vibration mode

-5- air pressure massage styles

-Acupunctural relief

-Speed up recovery

-Better circulation

-Light-weight and Travel friendly

-USB charger

Start living a painless and prosperous life!