Yuregen night time Spine cushion-Yuregen
Yuregen night time Spine cushion-Yuregen

Yuregen night time Spine cushion

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Does lower back pain keep you restless all day long? 

Do you want to have peaceful sleep with lower back pain?

Get some serious rest with a supportive cushion that empowers you to sleep in careless comfort. YUREGEN NIGHTTIME SPINE CUSHION advocates for proper posture and a priceless pain-relief.

Gets yours now for rewarding rest.

How Night-Time Spine Cushion help me?

About 78% of people get back pain in their life. Some may combat this by maintaining posture while for others it becomes a part of life.

Do not compromise on your back health and use Night Time Spine Cushion because

It will keep the figure intact and enables you to sleep without the worry of waking up from the pain.

A classic combo with curvature provides comfort while supportive side wings caress the waist during sleep.

Its soft material is gentle on the skin and will give you the best sleep of your life.

You will feel energized after waking up.

It keeps the lumbar region from L1 to L5 in full lumber support.


This cushion is designed for everyone’s use. You may use it if you have

-Back pain

-Stiff and fatigued back

-Pinched nerves

-Back muscle spasm


-Lumbar vertebrae displacement

Why us: 

YureGen designed this cushion in a very effective way. It is



-Breathable memory foam

-Provide cushioning to back muscles

-26° cushion curvature

-Travel friendly

Say goodbye to sleepless nights with Night Time Spine Cushion!