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Health Benefits of Green Lipped Mussels

Green lipped mussels are shellfish that originate from the waters of New Zealand and are famous for being the largest kind of mussel in the world. Apart from being extremely attractive, green lipped mussels are rich in nutrients. They have a lot of minerals, essential amino acids, glycoprotein, and omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Benefits of green lipped mussels

Scientists have researched a lot about green lipped mussels. Their value was discovered after being tested on patients who were suffering from cancer. Although they did not show any clinically proven relevant results with regards to cancer treatment, they benefited patients who were also suffering from osteoarthritis. Those patients saw a reduction in pain and stiffness along with improved mobility.


Millions of people suffer from osteoarthritis with different levels of severity. This health issue can be very painful, and can impact mobility, independence, and the quality of life altogether. Various scientific studies that investigated different supplements in treating osteoarthritis, including green lipped mussels, proved that the collage from marine sources and green lipped mussel showed the most impressive results. Scientists then concluded that green lipped mussels can be used in pain reduction.

There was a study published in 2003 that showed promising findings proving how green lipped mussels can help relieve knee and hip pain in osteoarthritis patients. 60 participants took green lipped mussel extract twice daily and after 4 weeks, the authors reported that 53% of patients experienced a reduction in pain and improved joint function and mobility. After 8 weeks, the positive results rose to 80%.

Now the question pertains that fish oils also contain the same omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, then how are green lipped mussels more effective in treating osteoarthritis? One study answered this question that both fish oils and green lipped mussels contain the same levels of omega 3s. However, green lipped mussels possess other compounds that are beneficial for treating osteoarthritis.

Gut Health

Besides helping improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis, green lipped mussels also have a positive impact on our gut health. We require both prebiotic and probiotic food to ensure we have a healthy gut. There are various research studies that show green lipped mussels can improve our gut health. Moreover, green lipped mussels stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria while minimizing intestinal inflammation. Intestinal inflammation is the contributing factor to many chronic diseases and green lipped mussels are a great way to maintain overall good health. Furthermore, green lipped mussels can also improve symptoms in people who are suffering from asthma. Moreover, green lipped mussels help improve the entire reparatory function. These benefits are all due to the powerful anti-inflammatory properties that green lipped mussels have.

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