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How to Sit with SI Joint Pain?


Are you dealing with pain in the sacroiliac joint and wondering how to sit with SI joint pain? A good sitting position can help. Read on to discover the best posture to sit.

SI joint pain can be unbearable and often seen in people with arthritis. Finding the correct posture to sit is the best way to start treating the pain.

Sacroiliac joint pain is an inflammation and pain caused in one or both of your sacroiliac joints - the joints where the lower part of the spine connects to the pelvic. The sacroiliac joint pain is felt in the lower back and buttocks, but you can sometimes experience it in the thighs and legs.

If you have SI joint pain, you must have wondered how to sit with SI joint pain. Finding a perfect posture to sit is often tricky when dealing with this kind of problem.

But do not worry, with my experience of over six years as a pharmacist, I have come across patients who suffer from SI joint pain, and I can guide you to find the perfect way to sit.

If you employ a lot of time sitting on your workstation, finding a comfortable chair to sit, may help you reduce the pain in the sacroiliac joint after long hours sitting in one place.

Besides having a comfortable chair and good posture, it is always best to take frequent breaks from sitting, say about every 30 minutes.

What Aggravate SI Joint Pain?

The sacroiliac joint pain is caused by the injury caused by the damage caused to the joint between the hip and spine. It can happen from a fall, car accident, work injury, pregnancy and childbirth, hip or spine surgery. Besides, here are some activities that can aggravate SI joint pain:

-Labor-intensive jobs

-Standing or sitting for prolonged hours

-Contact sports



-Existing arthritis

-Deconditioned spinal muscles

When suffering from SI joint pain, you should be careful not to overdo any activity that can trigger pain in your sacroiliac joint. While dealing with arthritis, be informed that the pain you are experiencing is just a symptom of an underlying problem - inflammation.

The focus should be on finding out the root cause and treating inflammation, which results in your pain. To take care of joint pain due to inflammation, you can use Deflame® Curcumin Ultra. It is prepared from curcumin, known for its anti-inflammatory nature.

When you have SI joint pain, you should also be careful not to aggravate the pain while sleeping. Night-time spine cushions are the best way to support your back and spine while sleeping.

How to Sit with SI Joint Pain?

The ligaments in your SI joint help transfer force between your trunk and your leg when performing activities like walking and running. If you are experiencing SI joint pain, you should adapt sitting positions that comfort your joint, reducing any further pain or irritation.

Here is how you should sit when struggling with SI joint pain:

-Sit on a chair that supports your back, with your chest up, and your shoulder blades relaxed and down
-Keep your knees slightly apart and crossed
-Keep both of your sit bones in contact with your chair and the top of your hips level
-If your chair doesn’t support your lower back, put a cushion behind your lower back

Besides, targeting the root cause of arthritis or SI joint pain is essential. EFA Joint Omega and the Joint Solution are natural solutions for joint coverage. You can find more about treating back pain and arthritis in Yuregen Lifestyle. 

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