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What Type of Doctor to See for Knee Pain?

 pain can be challenging, and you should see a doctor for help. This blog discusses when to consult a doctor and what type of doctor to see for knee pain.

Is Patellofemoral pain syndrome the same as knee pain? Read to learn the difference between knee pain and patellofemoral pain syndrome and when to seek help.

What Type of Doctor to See for Knee Pain?

Ever experienced runner’s knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome? That dull pain around the front of your knee? Knee pain is not rare, and we all at one point or other experience it. Knee pain has several reasons, from the normal wear and tear of the cartilage to a sudden injury.

Every pain is different, and no two persons can experience it the same way. When I speak to my patients, I have noticed, even though they complain about pain in the same area, the severity of pain is different, and the symptoms vary sometimes.

While when dealing with pain, the main focus is to treat the pain, you should note that it is the inflammation that needs to be targeted first and then rebuilding the cartilage. Herbal supplements such as PCD JointFlex®- Anti-inflammatory and cartilage rebuilt formula helps build cartilage.

Knee pain can get critical with time and so you need to see a doctor if you have experienced it for too long.

But then, what type of doctor to see for knee pain should be your next concern. Before I explain further when to see a doctor, let me quickly explain to you what this fancy term for knee pain is and how it is different from normal knee pain.

What is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is the pain you experience at the front of your knee and around your kneecap. This condition occurs due to overuse injury that results from activities that cause pressure or friction on the cartilage behind the kneecap.

Are Knee Pain and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Same?

The pain that you experience in and around your knee is usually referred to as knee pain. This condition affects the knee joint itself or the soft tissue around the knee. However, patellofemoral pain syndrome is the pain you particularly experience at the front of the knee and around the kneecap.

Knee pain can affect your regular lifestyle. But what you should know is that the pain is not the problem. The pain is only the indication of an underlying issue which can be arthritis as well. Multifunctional knee relaxer or double spring support knee braces are some effective alternates you can try to reduce knee pain.

What Causes Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

  • Strenuous sports such as running or jumping
  • Injury or dislocation
  • Muscle weakness or imbalances
  • Knee surgery, mainly repairing the anterior cruciate ligament

When Should I See a Doctor?

If your knee pain doesn’t improve within a few days, you should see a doctor and see help for the next course of action. You should consult a doctor if you feel:

-Redness, tenderness, or warmth of the knee



-Incapability to bear weight on the affected knee

-Physical deformity on the affected area

What Doctor to See for Knee Pain?

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