What Essential Oil Helps Back Pain

Are you dealing with back pain and wondering if essential oils can help? From peppermint to wintergreen, essential oils are a proven remedy to reduce back pain.

Essential oils have been in use for centuries to relieve pain. This blog talks about the different essential oils that are the best treatment for curing back pain.

Back pain can disrupt your everyday life. Post research estimation says that about 80 percent of Americans will experience back pain at one point in their life. Depending on the seriousness of your back pain, essential oils can help you tackle the pain and treat inflammation.

Essential oils have been throughout for centuries, and people have used them for therapeutic or medicinal reasons, primarily for treating pain. Essential oils are extracted from the seeds, leaves, fruits, flowers, and bark of medicinal trees.

Essential oils are either topically applied or diluted and used in aromatherapy as well. Research has proved that these oils have helped people treat inflammation and back pain.

The Best Essential Oils for Back Pain

Deciding on which essential oil to pick for your back pain can be challenging when you have so many of them. Here I have made you a list of the best essential oils to choose from:

Peppermint oil

Known for its cooling effect and menthol undertones, peppermint oil is the most potent essential oil to relieve pain. The oil is extracted from peppermint leaves, has anti-inflammatory properties, and effectively treats muscle spasms, inflammation, and muscle tension.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil acts as a multipurpose oil that is widely used for muscle pain. It is an excellent remedy for back pain and relieves inflammation. Lavender oil is also used to get rid of anxiety, anger, and depression.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that have analgesic effects on muscles and joints. The cooling effect of Eucalyptus oil has a soothing impact on muscles and reduces pain and inflammation. It is also known to have helped people lower blood pressure levels.

Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass oil is widely known for its antifungal properties. You need to treat inflammation to get rid of chronic back pain, and lemongrass oil does exactly that. Lemongrass oil also helps in reducing swelling of the muscles.

Wintergreen oil

A close cousin to peppermint oil, the wintergreen oil is best known for its analgesic properties. This miraculous oil is an excellent remedy for achy joints, sore muscles, and back pain. It also reduces muscle soreness and swelling in underlying tissue.

How to Use Essential Oils for Back Pain?

Now that you have found the best essential oil for back pain, you need to use it the right way to get the benefits.

Apply them topically. Dilute 5-6 drops of essential oil to any of your favorite carrier oil, about 5-teaspoons, and then massage on the affected area. Along with this, you can also include an anti-inflammatory supplement such as Deflame® Curcumin-Ultra Joint Anti-Inflammatory Formula.

Inhale them. Add 10-15 drops of essential oil to water in a diffuser and leave it on in your room. Inhaling this will reduce anxiety, pain, and feeling of nausea.

Take an essential oil-infused bath. You can add about 10-drops of essential oils to your bathwater. Bathing with it will help you alleviate inflammation and back pain.

Side Effects and Precautions

The side effects of essential oils depend from person to person. Some common and potential side effects of essential oils include:


-Skin irritation and burning


-Asthma attack

While essential oils are beneficial in treating back pain and muscle soreness, you can also include herbal supplements for back pain. PCD JointFlex® Anti-inflammatory and cartilage rebuilt formula. It is specially formulated with ingredients such as MSM and Manganese that help in reducing inflammation. To get more insight into back pain and its treatment, you can visit www. Yuregen-lifestyle.com.

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