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How to Relieve Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Pain in the hips and pelvic area is common during pregnancy. How to Relieve Hip Pain During Pregnancy? Posture, sleeping pillows, and yoga can help you.

Are you worried about hip pain and thinking about how to relieve hip pain during pregnancy while sleeping? The good news is you can prevent hip pain before it starts.

Becoming a mom is a beautiful feeling. During pregnancy, a woman's body goes through several changes. Most women experience hip pain during pregnancy and especially while sleeping. So, how to relieve hip pain during pregnancy while sleeping? We'll learn about that in this blog

Causes of Hip Pain During Pregnancy

As women near their labor, the body starts preparing itself. If you are experiencing hip pain during your pregnancy, let me tell you that you are not alone. Nearly 20% of women experience hip pain. Here are some of the causes for you to consider:

1. Weight gain

During pregnancy, you and your baby gain weight, putting more strain on your bones and joints. Extreme weight increase may lead to hip pain and other discomforts.

2. Sciatica

Pregnancy increases pressure on the sciatic nerve- the cord that extends from the lower end of your spine and back to the thighs. As the uterus expands, it creates more stress on the hips and thighs, aggravating hip pain.

3. Relaxin

Relaxin is a hormone that raises during pregnancy which relaxes the tissue connecting the bones. It can lead to pelvic pressure producing discomfort and hip pain.

4. Poor posture

As you gain weight, your posture may change. The pressure of your body focuses on the belly. The baby inside you sits on one side more than another, which prompts hip pain.

5. Sleeping position

You know there are minimal sleeping positions available for pregnant women. Even though side sleeping maybe your favorite position during this time, it may contribute to hip pain. If you are experiencing pain while sleeping, consider using a leg pillow to put between your knees.

How to Prevent Hip Pain During Pregnancy?

I tell my patients it is always better to prevent hip pain before it starts. With my experience for over six years as a pharmacist, I found these preventive measures useful for my pregnant patients:

-Keeping weight gain in check. Consume around 300 extra calories for a healthy pregnancy.

-Practice good posture: sitting, standing, and sleeping

-Avoid activities that may pressurize pelvic floors, such as standing for long or lifting heavy objects

-Wear flats or supportive, comfortable shoes

-Stay active and involve low-impact exercise such as walking, swimming, etc.

Relieving Hip Pain During Pregnancy While Sleeping

Hip pain is almost inevitable for many women during pregnancy. Should you ask me how to relieve hip pain during pregnancy while sleeping, here is how:

Sleep on your sides. I recommend my patients sleep on their sides, especially on their left, as it allows optimal blood to move from the middle and lower body to the heart.

Heat pads are great alternatives. You can use a hot towel or hot water bag for comfort.

Allow yourself an adequate amount of rest.

Take care of your sleep position. You can check out pregnancy pillows or orthopedic pillows to place between your knees.

Some lighter yoga asanas are excellent during and post-pregnancy.

Pain is not the problem but an indication of the underlying issue caused by inflammation. The correct treatment starts with identifying the root cause of the pain and treating the inflammation. To learn more about hip pain and treatment, visit YureGen Lifestyle

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